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best t shirt printing machine comparison

The Best T Shirt Printing Machines

What is the best t shirt printing machine?

There are several products on the market today that you can call a T Shirt Printing Machine, or T-Shirt Printer, we’ll take a look at which one is the best t shirt printing machine.

If you want to get into the custom t-shirt business and are serious about it, there’s really only 2 reasonable choices for under $30,000. One is the heat transfer, which just uses a good quality printer (usually about $12K that has white toner) and really limits you to what you can “print”. None of the big online custom t shirt businesses use this because it’s too slow and may wash off the shirt.

The other method, and our favorite, is Direct to Garment Printer – these are ink jet printers that have been adapted to printing directly onto a t shirt. These custom t shirt machines are also called:

  1. DTG Printers
  2. Direct to garment printer
  3. T shirt printing machines
  4. Garment printers
  5. Textile printers

Some of the brands are:

  1. DTG
  2. Anajet
  3. Brother

The particular brand of printer, which we think is the best t shirt printing machine available today. The DTG brand.

DTG has 3 printer models:

  1. The DTG Viper – it’s the cheapest t shirt printing machine from DTG, but still prints great. The big difference with this whole brand is how well they print on black t shirts. They use a white ink management system that makes this easy.
  2. The DTG M2 – more expensive, but we really think this is the best t shirt printing machine or best dtg printer on the market. It’s got 2 platens, so you can print 2 custom t shirts at the same time. And it’s really fast!
  3. The DTG M4 – same thing as the M2, but bigger and with 4 platens, so you can print 4 shirts at a time. It’s an expensive machine, but is probably the best t shirt printing machine if you have a screen printing business and you’re used to high volume printers.
best t shirt printing machine comparison

This is the DTG M2

This is a comparison that company did between the M2, the Brother Grafittee and the Anajet t shirt printing machines.


This company has 2 websites. One is, the other is

As an alternative, here’s a link to more information on screen printing.