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Brother DTG Printer

New DTG Printer Comparison and Review Article

Here’s a new comparison of the best dtg printers on the market.

It compares the Brother DTG Printers that start with GT-3 with the Viper.

The Viper is $20K, and so is the cheapest of the Brother t-shirt printing machines, but they go up to almost $25K


The cheapest Brother doesn’t print on dark t-shirts. No white ink capabilities included, so it’s really out of the picture. The next two models up both do print on darks, but still don’t do the same image sizes or multiple shirts like the Viper will.

Brother DTG Printer

Brother GT-341

The only things that some people may like about the Brother dtg printers is that they use cartridges instead of bottles, which makes them look neater, and that they don’t use a RIP software. There are some pros and cons to a RIP. For Professionals, you have a LOT more control of your image and the amounts of ink you use. For beginners it’s a little more complicated to print. But the results are worth it and you get used to the software quickly.

Both machines require that you know and use a graphics application, like Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator or Corel Draw, just to name the most popular ones. You’ll also still need to get a Heat Press, do pre treatment of darks and maybe even light colored tees for best results.

Both manufacturers have good reputations for technical support and warranty service, though it is much easier to get a hold of someone at ColDesi for questions about their DTG printers – Brother is a huge organization and it’s easy to get lost among the crowd of products.