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LED UV Printer Sample Texture Print

LED UV Printer | Best Option for Your Business

LED UV Printer | Best Option for Your Business

LED UV Printer what it is and what it does. I don’t have the time or experience to go into too much detail, but I’ve been looking into UV Printers lately and am finding a thousand uses and lots of ideas for product applications, etc.

This is the company I’m looking into: http://compressuvprinter.com. They’re located in Tampa, FL and have 2 LED UV Printers set up in their showroom. The iUV600s has some great specs compared to the Mimaki and direct color systems uv printers I’ve been looking at. A 24″ x 17.7″ x 11″ print area is what really catches my attention

Here’s a video on the UV Printers that I saw:¬†https://youtu.be/VZ4NdREKsIQ


LED UV Printer Best Features

Most of the LED UV Printers I found have really small print areas of around 14×16 like a DTG Printer. The bigger print area on these means that you can actually print on bigger things, obviously, but also set up more small things to be printed at the same time.

Plus the ability to print TEXTURES is amazing. You use their RIP software to create layers that actually build up texture. It’s like a regular printer that will do just enough 3D.

LED UV Printer Sample Texture Print

You can’t tell, but that amazing picture was printed with this UV printer, dried instantly and it FEELS textured.

UV Printing Applications

So what can you do with a UV Printer?

  • Print signs
  • Print on Awards
  • Print on Metal – Awards
  • Print on Acrylic – photos and signage
  • Add color to engravings in wood or metal
  • Create custom packaging
  • Print on Boxes
  • Print on the tops of acrylic trophies
  • Print on bottle tops
  • Print on Pickle Ball Paddles
  • Print on almost anyting

Why NOT use a UV Printer

The only reason I can see not to add this to a business is that it does have an odor. Some people may get a headache – about 1 in 50-100 as far as I can tell.

The machines are pretty big, like a DTG M2 size exactly. BUT the great thing is that there is no heat press or dryer needed.

But it’s not for printing t shirts. It feels bad, doesn’t do a good job at all on darks.